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At Afloat Marine & Services Pte Ltd, our workshop facility is comprised of high-end machineries like lathe machines, milling machines, and radial drilling machines.
We use these machineries to provide various types of services in custom-made products.

We also have a fabrication facility for doing mild steel, stainless steel, CU / NI pipe with welding machine for TIG, ARC, and MIG processes.

We fabricate various types of bellows which have superior welding practices to ensure that the bellows’ assembly performs to our customers’ requirements.

We are equipped with mechanical tools for lifting and shifting of pumps and valves servicing overhauling.

Workshop Machining

Our workshop facility is comprised of machining facility, testing facility, fabrication facility and hose assembly facility.

Pipe and Steel Work for Marine, Offshore, Industrial

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Stainless Steel Metalic Hoses & Stainless Steel Expansion Bellow

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Ship Repair & New Building, Conversion

With our valuable excellent service and experience you will be satisfied the best advice and competitive quotation will be provided.…
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